Aug 26 2022

Rest in Peace, Garden Planner - and Other News

Developing a PoC of the garden planner was fun, but then I got a full-time job as a technical writer, got busy re-doing the garden, and much more.

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Last updated: Friday, August 26th, 2022

Life got busy fast, and, in this post, I'll pay homage to the now-defunct garden planner project. I'll also tell you about my (not so new anymore) job, and whatever else I can think of. After this post, we get all dirty with codez, which is good and proper for a "codelog."

RIP, unnamed garden planner

While trying my fancy veggie garden layout was fun, it turned out to be a pretty but awful idea. Everything in my front garden got dry as a bone for extended periods in the summer. Scorched. Between a day job and watering, there was little time to plan the next crop or code. I just went with the flow. Call it Anca-flavored intuitive gardening - it's kinda like when you think you're swimming and doing really well when you are drowning.

To demonstrate, in 2021, I went overboard with producing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and the like. I grew them indoors, from January!! By March, I was living in a very needy jungle. Re-potting (or up-potting for those in the know) and watering drained the life out of me. I couldn't find enough people to give plants to because we were dealing with waves of Arctic chill aaall the way to July. Everyone was reluctant to take on the chore I'd been slaving at since January. Go figure!

This year, I was wiser. But too slow on everything. The garden was on the back burner for many reasons. Still, we built new beds in a more shaded area, moved eight cubic meters of soil in them, plus extra compost, and planted new grass where the old beds were.

All this gardening nonsense is to say that I didn't really need a garden planner. So, the project fizzled out slowly and painfully. I tried, but I had lost the oomph. RIP.

Hello, Sitecore

Somehow, I managed to fool people at Sitecore into hiring me as a technical writer!

Those that know me thought the lateral move made sense. After all, I am a weird breed of a generalist with probably equal competence in writing words for humans and for machines. So, yeah, now I'm doing this technical writing thing. I expected that it would make me want to write more. It took some time to kick in, but here we are.

I am now at career version I-lost-count, so let's recap:

  • journalist
  • business manager
  • translator
  • journalist again
  • political-military analyst
  • freelance writer & translator
  • developer
  • technical writer <--- we are here.

I did not expect to miss programming as much as I did, so I'll be moving to a hybrid role soon, with more development and, most likely, just as much writing. It's called asking for it. And, at least in my experience, Sitecore can be very good at trying to keep employees happy. I don't know what the job title will be. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to find out.

Flexing the coding brainz

While waiting for stars to align and the hybrid role to become, my brain and fingers were itching. My eyes were bleeding looking at my old website. So, I made two new ones!

On plants and such

From now on, you can find my ramblings about plants and gardening elsewhere. The elsewhere is . In time, you'll find more than blog posts on that website.

Like what, you ask? Funny story: I signed up for a phytotherapy certification course. For those unfamiliar with the term, phytotherapy uses medicines derived from plants or herbs to treat or prevent health conditions. The education leans towards the evidence-based use of medicinal plants.

In parallel with that, I'm attending the first in a series of courses that might culminate into a clinical nutritionist certification. This one blends German approaches to natural medicine with the principles of functional medicine.

I haven't decided whether I want to be a well-informed writer or a clinical practitioner in one or both fields yet. But the journey certainly is fun thus far. Returning to the website topic and its content: for now, tumbleweed, but if you're into any of this plant and nutrition business, stay tuned.

On codez

This website/blog got a makeover. I got tired of the whole thing. You will probably notice similarities between the two websites, especially the colors. For now, very me.

And with that, I bid you farewell. I'll be back with a little post on how I built these two websites.


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