Dropping VuePress for Gridsome

Changing site generator for funzies!

After re-building my website with Vuepress about half a year ago, I still had a bunch of unsolved issues. For one, I did not have a static homepage, only the blog "index". The directory structure was also bugging me. I wanted something a bit more straight-forward.

The problems I encountered were mostly due to Vuepress being primarily designed as a documentation tool. While one could easily turn that into a basic blog, I felt like I was trying too hard to make it fit my needs. Vuepress does have a blog plugin, but I found it impossible to get it working. Maybe it has something to do with it not being ready for production yet, not up to date with Vuepress v1.x? I don't know, and I didn't have time to dig deeper than I already had. I simply felt it was too much work for, what I felt was, a trivial task.

So I started considering that, perhaps, Vuepress was not the right solution for my needs. Looking around, I found Gridsome.

Gridsome, like Vuepress, is a site generator. I do believe it's much more versatile than Vuepress though. You can build websites with all kinds of data sources, including Markdown files - which is what I wanted. Why not go Nuxt you ask? Well, because I already played with Nuxt and I wanted to try something different.

It was a pleasure learning Nuxt a few months back, just as it was to meet Vuepress and now Gridsome. The move to Gridsome also offered me the chance to play with GraphQL, dig into the latest version of TailwindCSS, and I got to do a little bit of refactoring. Fun!

Speaking of fun! I haven't made a store app yet - Vue Storefront looks interesting. But since I'd like to expand my horizons a little, I'll be munching "Clojure for the Brave and True" until I get a lisp.

Care to share?