It's alive!!!

After finally having the time and energy to create a blog, it's now live!

It's been a long time since I wrote anything. Like many programmers out there, I one day looked at my blog and saw I hadn't published anything in months.

When then trying to rectify such horrible wrong doing, I felt annoyed by how my blog was built. Lacking the time to do anything reasonable about it, I took the whole thing down.

Back in the day, my blog was built with WordPress and hosted via WP Engine. While that was great in it's own way, I just couldn't quite shake the feeling that it was slooooow (it was more than a feeling - after working with Vue.js SPAs for a while, my definition of "fast" changed a lot). So I had promised myself a solution I would be happy with WHEN I felt like writing again.

I wanted something fast and sweet, without the overhead of a WordPress installation and the management that comes with it.

I wanted something built with Vue, if only for trying to build something else then data-driven dashboards.

Without further ado, here's my new codelog, built with Vuepress (v1.alpha44) and Tailwind CSS, taking advantage of cool toys like markdown-it, prismjs, Disqus commenting and more.

There are still issues to iron out. I am hoping that, as Vuepress itself moves closer to RC, I will be able to leverage it for cleaning up tag page urls, complete the pagination solution, improve tag and category pages.

In the meantime, I will take this baby for a spin and see what else I might want / need for a nice experience.

See you around!

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